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Excel in progressive agricultural production

Founded in 1959, Oberbroeckling Family Farms is a family farm based in the community of Garnavillo, IA, about 50 miles north of Dubuque, IA. The farm is currently managed by 2nd and 3rd generations of the Oberbroeckling family. We produce corn, soybeans, and pigs. We also operate a commercial trucking business, Oberbroeckling Enterprises. Most of our corn crop is exported down the Mississippi River with a smaller portion turned into ethanol. Our soybean crop is also exported down the Mississippi River. Our pigs are custom fed for a local farmer.

Oberbroeckling Family Farms strives to be fair and honest with its employees and suppliers while providing top notch service to our customers.  With the increasing competitiveness of agriculture, sustainable farming practices must be coupled with stellar customer service.  Oberbroeckling Family Farms is blessed to have a strong team that is mindful of both.


Oberbroeckling Family

Our Roots Grow Deep

Oberbroeckling Farms was established in 1959 by Don Oberbroeckling. He founded the operation 5 miles east of Garnavillo, IA, and milked 40 Holsteins, farrowed and raised pigs, and raised corn and alfalfa. In 1975 Mike Oberbroeckling joined the operation.

In 1992 the dairy herd was liquidated to focus on farrowing and raising pigs. In 1999 pig feeding enterprise was switched to a custom feeding format. Erik Oberbroeckling joined the operation in 2004 and started Oberbroeckling Enterprises, a commercial trucking company.

In 2006, the grain storage was expanded from 30,000 bushels to 120,000 bushels, and the grain drying equipment was modernized. Later in 2009, grain storage was expanded from 120,000 bushels to 200,000 bushels. In 2010 the operation installed a 1,500 bushel per hour tower grain dryer.

Ryan Oberbroeckling joined in 2012 and formed River Ridge Pork, a pig feeding business. Grain storage was also expanded another 125,000 bushels to 325,000 bushels in total. 2014 saw the adoption of 22″ row spacing corn and another grain storage expansion to 325,000 bushels. Grain storage was expanded again in 2018 and 2024 bringing our total storage capacity to over 500,000 bushels.

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